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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening


As a professional technician, Ashlee is dedicated in her efforts to literally brighten the tar out of smiles. The whitening system performs color correction on mouths without setting sensitive teeth on edge, using a plant-based hydrogen peroxide solution from Beaming White Advanced Teeth Whitening.W. A blue LED activates the formula, which can help erase the stains left by coffee, red wine, cigarettes and more. The studio is stocked with take-home products and kits that clients can use to tune up & maintain their glimmering grins.


Allow 90 minutes for appointment time. 

Safe & Effective

Beaming White Advanced Teeth Whitening is the best all natural plant based cosmetic teeth whitening! Up to 24 shades whiter with NO sensitivity. Noticeable results guaranteed!  

Service available at Green Valley Aesthetics Laser & Skin Care Center 

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Mobile: 702-427-8628 

The Best Whitening Light

Beaming White Futura 2400


Ashlee uses the #1 LED Teeth Whitening Light in the industry:  Beaming White's Futura 2400. It's elegance, superior construction, power, and reliability have made the Futura 2400 one of the most popular LED teeth whitening lights in the market, and many people consider it the best teeth whitening machine in the industry. It also happens to be the only teeth whitening light that’s still designed and made in USA. 

At 36 watts, the Futura 2400 is the most powerful teeth whitening lamp in the industry, and it has been perfectly tuned to 465nm, which means it produces blue LED light at the perfect wavelength for activating teeth whitening gel. This is one of the reasons it produces such good teeth whitening results and why most top professional service providers choose it to provide chair-side teeth whitening treatments. 

The Futura 2400 bleaching light is made of solid die-cast aluminum, which makes it very lightweight and attractive but also incredibly durable. Beaming White is cGMP-certified and also boasts ISO 9001 certification, ensuring that its products are of the highest quality.